Aftershock Festival 2014

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For the second time in a row the Aftershock Festival was sold out, reason enough to give you an insight into this unique festival.

The festival takes place at Discovery Park in Sacramento, Capital of California, which is an ideal location because of the many trees, which offer shade and protection from the sun. Temperatures this weekend reached up to 110 ° F and the queue in front of the free water dispenser in the park is getting longer and longer.

The doors open at 11 clock and people are already queuing almost up to the car park. In contrast there is no queue in front of the VIP entrance, which is one of the peaks of holding a VIP ticket. Also the VIP parking lot for VIP is closer than the normal car park, but parking in general is very close and convenient.

Security at the entrance remind everyone what is allowed into the festival grounds. Backpacks are forbidden, but blankets are allowed. Later that day many people are sitting on them on the ground and enjoy the bands from far away.

There are 4 stages this year; the two main stages are next to each other and bands play in alternation on each stage. The Monster Energy stage is on the other site of the festival grounds and the Coors Light stage, which is the smallest stage, can be found behind the food stands.

There are many diverse Food stands and Beer booths and in the middle of it all, the Monster Energy stand, where everyone can try the energy drink for free. Band Merchandise is available around every corner and next to the Coors Light stage there is a booth with loads of guitars which everone can try and play on. This is also the area where the bands have their signing sessions.

Because of the dust in front of the stages and through the whole festival ground, a lot of people are wearing sun glasses and bandanas over mouth and nose to protect themselves.

The festival crowd is diverse but in general a little older, there are only small groups of teenagers.
Despite the high temperatures this weekend most bands are dressed fully in black. The singer of Emmure is even wearing leggins under his pants and a black black bandana covering his face. Black seems to be the favorite color of a lot bands, even the balloons which Black Label Society through into the crowd are black.

The Aftershock Festival is definitive one of the events where bands and audience would love to come back again next year.

More pictures can be found here

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